Why DIY Water Extraction & Mold Removal Is Not Recommended

DIY water and mold removal: One can be downright dangerous, the others are often ineffective. Water damage recovery experts from Rytech follow industry-standard methods developed by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). In the indoor environment of a home, many factors combine to discourage untrained, do-it-yourself methods. Water damage recovery and mold remediation techniques must be prioritized and executed in a specific sequence on a strict time schedule. Also, equipment, technology, and chemicals utilized by a professional water damage recovery service are seldom available to the average homeowner.

Here’s why DIY water and mold removal are best left to trained professionals:

Getting The Water Out

Water extraction must be done quickly as damage from standing water escalates rapidly. Professional equipment purpose-built for this process is specialized, not consumer-grade. Pumping equipment is high-capacity to extract thousands of gallons per hour and dry interior spaces fast. These devices must be utilized only by trained professionals due to the hazards of electrocution when operating in a wet environment. Also, merely working inside a flooded structure poses dangers as saturated drywall, ceiling panels, and other building materials may collapse from the weight of the water.

Gone With The Mold

Effective mold removal must be preceded by testing to identify the type and select the most effective EPA-approved disinfectants. Many consumer-grade products cosmetically remove mold from surfaces. However, since mold growth often penetrates building materials, when treated only superficially it will usually recur. In addition, mold spores often inhabit inaccessible areas of the home, growing inside structural voids and other hidden areas unknown to the amateur. The expertise of a trained professional is required to track down stealth mold and eliminate it from the indoor environment.

Don’t rely on DIY water and mold removal methods. Contact the experts at Rytech, Inc.